Joel Nanauka

There Are Special People Trap

When we consider those who have been successful in their careers, businesses etc, it is easy to think that they must be very special compared to us. Wha威而鋼 t you need to recognize is that everyone who looks as special today was once a common/normal person.

No one started at the top and no one was born while great. Every one of them was born a common man but it is the desire to be different and the willingness to pay the price of greatness that has made them special. There are lots of vacancies at the top because very few people are ready to pay the price to get there. Just like many people travel by road than by air simply because only a few can pay the flight cost, likewise very few people get to the top because not everyone is ready to pay the required price.

Do you want to know what will take you from being an ordinary person to an extraordinary or special individual like those who you admire? You need the following five ingredients:

  • Focus: This is your ability to avoid every other distraction in your life and keep on doing that one thing you have chosen.
  • Commitment: This refers to you giving everything that you have in order to achieve everything that you want to have.
  • Sacrifice: This is your willingness and ability to forsake other things that keep screaming for your attention and resources, in order to achieve what you consider the big goal in your life.
  • Consistency: This is your ability to continuously do what you have purposed to do until you see the results you are looking for. It refers to you pursuing that one thing without dropping it on the way no matter what. It refers to you maintaining uniformity on all the days, even when you do no feel like doing it.
  • Diligence: This is your attitude of putting all of your knowledge and strength in the pursuit of your goals.

To become an uncommon person you need to do uncommon things. Convert your common traits into uncommon traits by committing yourself to doing uncommon things. Commit yourself to the five ingredients above and you will transform every ordinary gene in your life to extra-ordinary gene from today.

Remember, to become a special person you must be willing to pay a special price..

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