Joel Nanauka

The trap of Low level of education or no education at all

It is very strange that in this day and age there are people who are trapped and bound by the excuse of, “I don’t have enough education”. It has been proven more than once that no matter how important formal education is, its absence has never stopped those who are determined to achieve their dream. Even though we cannot underestimate the power of formal education in our lives, we should not overestimate the power of the same. History has a record of more than enough case studies of people who were not privileged enough to acquire the level of education they wanted but t必利勁 hat never became a limitation in their lives.

What many people have never realized is that education is a tool to help you to get to where you are going but it is NOT the ONLY thing that you need to succeed in life. With our globalized world today, and with advanced technology, we have all that we need at our disposal and we can learn whatsoever we want in our lives through the online resources availed to us by Internet. One thing you need to understand is that it is not your education that makes you great but it is your self-development that makes your education relevant and productive. It is what you do with the education you have that brings a difference to your life.

In American history, few people have embodied the notion of the self-made man more than Henry Ford—the man who is best remembered for almost single-handedly creating the US automobile industry. Ford had a limited formal education, having been born on a farm outside of Detroit, where he worked with a father who believed his son would someday take to running the farm himself.

Instead, Ford left home at the age of seventeen and became an apprentice with a machinist in Detroit—a career path he would ultimately take to another level on his way to becoming a wildly rich and successful industrialist. Despite having next to no real education, Ford created the mechanized assembly line—and it was not long before Detroit gained the nickname of the Motor City because of his incredible work.

You can never excuse yourself from achieving your potential simply by pointing at the limitations you have in your education level. We have more than enough evidence in the world of the people who have continually made the difference simply by trusting in their abilities and by refusing to settle for less than what they could achieve in their lives. You can achieve feats beyond the common people, you can set an unprecedented record in your generation and beyond.

If there is evidence that other people have not allowed themselves to be stopped from achieving their destinies by lack of education, you should also not be stopped by the same. Have you not wondered why we have financially challenged people who are great professors while we have multimillionaires who are college drop outs? What is the difference? Education may give you certification but it is your commitment and decision to get to the top of your vision that gives you the energy to get there.

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