Joel Nanauka

The trap of your Past or your Background

People who have manage犀利士 d to get to the top of their vision are those who have refused to define their future based on the experiences of their past life. Unless someone is able to break from the negativity of past experiences he will never be able to realize the bright future ahead of him.

In every story of any successful man or woman, there is a point where he or she must have decided to ignore their background and made a conscious effort to focus on the future. In the same way it poses as a challenge to move forward while looking backward as you walk, you cannot effectively move ahead into your great vision if you keep on embracing your negative past. Unless you consciously decide to move away from you painful, discouraging and negative past, any door to a new future will remain closed to you.

The key to bouncing back from a bad or tough experience in your life is to reach that point in your life where you decide it is time to push the reset button. You need to get to that point where you say it is time to start all over again. It might be that you were in a relationship that did not work out as you expected, or it could be that you lost a lot of money in a business investment that you had so much expectations in but none of them materialized, or maybe you failed in school or you were fired from your last job.

All these are disappointing situations but to break away from them, there is one decision you need to make today; it is the decision to start over again and move forward. Stop wasting your time and energy thinking over and over about your past negative experiences but instead, invest that same time and energy in your future and be excited about the new thing you are about to create.

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